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Isaac Hecker , sought a way to share the gospel of Jesus and the rich traditions of American Catholicism with the people of his time. He began by preaching missions and speaking in public lecture halls. These methods met with some successbut reached only a limited number of people. Hecker wanted to make contact with those who would never set foot in a church. So he turned to the printed word. The first product of his vision was a monthly publication, the Catholic World magazine. He wanted to create an intellectual journal for a growing Catholic population, and insisted that it be a first-class publication in format, quality, and style, equal if not superior to any secular magazine in the country.

The Catholic World, later reconstituted as the New Catholic World, was to continue in existence for well over a century. Editors like Frs. Augustine Hewit, John J. Burke, James M. Gillis, and John B.

Theology and Spirituality: Ancient

Sheerin advanced the Paulist tradition of presenting a Catholic perspective on the important questions of the day. Although the circulation of the Catholic World quickly reached 10,, Hecker foresaw the need to reach a wider audience who could not afford the price of a magazine. In he founded The Catholic Publication Society to produce four-page pamphlets that provided a succinct presentation of Catholic teaching. These could be sold across the nation for a penny apiece. Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Shipped from UK. Book Description tredition, This book is printed on demand.

Life of Father Hecker

Seller Inventory I Language: English. Brand new Book. Seller Inventory AAV Walter Elliott. His enthusiasm for the mission led him to sail to Rome to seek permission to form a band of like-minded brothers but instead he was met with rejection. His enthusiasm led to their expulsion. Cast out, alone in Rome he died in prayer. Rather than give in to despair, he trusted in the Spirit. Surrendered to the Paschal mystery He gave himself over to well-placed friends Those familiar with the ways of the world and — finely tuned the ways of God.

An order, a society of men was born to make real that ever out front vision of angel wrapped and Spirit led life given and made whole and forever. The tour of American pulpits grew to pamphlets and the birth of Paulist Press a natural expansion when the goal is nothing less than national conversion. Always expansion, movement and progress fired by the joy of seeing the Spirit at work in the world. Even the disease, whatever it was was not enough to ever kill the spirit even in recuperation, in the sun along the Nile thoughts of a world mission.

Finally, he had to come home To the community that embraced him to the marble-white angel to lift him to his final home. Let me look back for a few moments and see where I stood last year this time an incomprehensible length! Then my faith was dim, unfixed and unsettled, then I was not so disentangled from the body and its desires as I hope in God I now am.

In all I feel a consciousness that since then I have spiritually grown-been transformed. For my presence I cannot speak.

Life of Father Hecker by Walter Elliott, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

For my future it seems I dare not speak. Dreams of the future!

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Exalted visions of the beautiful! Unspeakable hopes! Deep untranslatable longings that fill the conscious soul …. December 18, born in New York City. Caroline Hecker listed as an active member of Forsyth Street Church. The Hecker brothers begin their baking business.

Meets Mormon evangelist Parley P. Meets Orestes A. January to July. Resides at Brook Farm. August 2. Received into the Roman Catholic Church. Joins Redemptorists. Departs for novitiate in St. Trond, Belgium. October Takes Redemptorists vows. Ordained to priesthood in London. April 6.

Begins mission work in U.

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Aspirations of Nature published. August 5. Leaves for Rome to plead for English-speaking Redemptorist house. Questions of the Soul published. August Expelled from Redemptorists.

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March 6. Nuper Nonnulli issued. July 7. Construction of the first church and convent at Fifty-Ninth Street completed. ITH engaged in Lyceum lectures to non-Catholics.

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Founds Catholic World. Establishes Catholic Publication Society. Addresses Second Plenary Council of Baltimore. Attends Congress of Malmes, Belgium.

Attends First Vatican Council. Returns to the U. December-Spring Gradual onslaught of illness. Journeys to Europe for recuperation. December to March Travels to Egypt and the Holy Land. Returns to New York. June 4. Cornerstone laid for St. Reelected superior by General Chapter. The Church and the Age published. December The following is an edited version of a sermon delivered by Father Hecker on Christmas Day It is the only surviving sermon by Hecker on the subject of Christmas.

It is provided here as a single sermon in three sections. This will allow you to copy or quote from it in its entirety in whatever form you may choose during the Christmas season. For had God become an angel and made himself visible to us, we would have been bound to love Him just as much as we are bound to love Him as a man. However this would have been more difficult for resemblance begets love.

Thus when we seek to attract the attention of another or win their love, we seek to resemble them in our dress, our conduct, our speech and in all things.