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  1. Shine Your Eyes, Mama Africa!: Memoir of an Enlightened African Gavin Bond
  2. Gavin Bond (Author of Shine Your Eyes, Mama Africa!)
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Shine Your Eyes, Mama Africa!: Memoir of an Enlightened African Gavin Bond

Important Links. The cry about climate change is one of their plans to keep us from developing since they have already developed. If they so much care about less oxygen in the atmosphere, they can produce it and pump it into the atmosphere to nullify the carbon emitted by their motorcars! There is a model community in North Carolina right now, in the United States, where they have actually printed their own money!

They have done this because they do not trust the politicians any more. If this community, a part of the Western system, existing in the United States, does not trust their rulers any longer, why should Africans hang on to the advices of these so-called experts.

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  7. Shine Your Eyes, Mama Africa!: Memoir of an Enlightened African.

African leaders should use their God-given brains, take a leaf from this community in North Carolina, and ignore those advices in the names of your faiths—Jesus, Mohammed, and Jah, The Almighty One! God bless and remain blessed. But millions of native Indians were exterminated. There was also slavery on American soil. America was also heavily involved with transatlantic slave trade when millions of black men, women, and children perished. Yet there is no Museum in America to commemorate these facts, but have one to commemorate the holocaust that happened far away in Poland and Germany! What does this tell us about how low the people of colour are regarded in this world, especially by the United States; in view of the fact we supply them with all the resources needed that still keep them on top?

Shine your eyes, Mama Africa and wake up to the reality here! Have the Germans paid reparation for the atrocities they committed in Cameroon in the nineteenth century? Does this not tell the Africans anything? Shine your eyes, brothers and sisters. The white ruling classes do not care about black lives! We are still breeding grounds for malaria because the white folks tell us we cannot print our money and spend it on essential public services due to the fact that the eradication of malaria will cost the Western drug manufacturers their market; shine your eyes, Comrade Africa and do not let them blind you with their democratic ideologies!

I beg, make una shine una eyes O! This is a saying from Africa, and it may be correct to say that the colonial masters imported it when they invaded Africa. But our leaders have not copied what they saw in the West in their travels una see, una no do! The plight Africa is in today cannot be blamed solely on the foundation of the colonial masters, but blame should also be apportioned to the lack of foresight and circumstances of the natives to meet the new challenges, as did happen to the ex-colonies!

A modern day event was also the change that happened in the USSR after years of empire rule.

It was still an empire until it was broken up into independent nations and states. In capitalism, it is dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, which-ever-way, by crook or whatever! Capital, or the quest for capital, is the all and be all! It is this ideology of greed that was left in the ex-colonies, for the new dictators, despots, and military commanders to exploit, so too, the newly independent eastern bloc countries.

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Africans are also easily manipulated, and the present world financial crisis should bring this home to Africans. It is time for the masses to throw out the establishment and bourgeoisies in other to rid the continent from all deceases by cleaning up all the mess in the gutters and building proper drainage system, which would help eradicate malaria and typhoid.

The most galling aspect of the situation in Africa is the fact that the leaders of these countries travel abroad to these civilised Western world and see how they are organised and how the people live. When they are in these countries, they enjoy the facilities available in these Western states, such as the transport systems, the roads, the hospitals, the shops, the markets, the banks, and much more.

Gavin Bond (Author of Shine Your Eyes, Mama Africa!)

With the flick of the switch, there is light for twenty-four hours. Whereas, where they have come from, that is extreme luxury! You would have thought that these people would have gone back to their people to tell them what they had seen abroad, eight wonders of the world, during their travels. The wonders of the Western world and paradise that lay beyond, which they, those who have seen it abroad, should strive to implement in their countries!

You see, this is why it is always said that there are illiterates who are ignorant, and there are also illiterates who are very clever. The same can be said for literate people too since there are well-read and well-educated people who are very ignorant and some that are very clever, visionary, and born natural leaders. When you read this book, look at your achievements and then I want you to decide which of these two groups you belong to, the educated ignorant or the clever one.

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Looking at our supposedly clever leaders, during these periods of junket around the cities of the Western world, they had met some Westerners who have told them how it was so unstable in our beloved African countries! To protect and continue their dynasty, our leaders were told the best way was, and still is, to plunder the wealth of their countries and bring it to the Western world for safekeeping! Our poor African leaders bought into this nonsense because they still have the awe for the white man! I am sure some of them understand the situation, speaking in the past and the present, but were unwilling to think about the rest of the population, just the self and the immediate families!

They have only been concerned about the well being of their immediate and extended families and not the nation, as a true leader should. They have been brainwashed by the capitalists of the Western world, who are only interested in securing the capital to develop their own countries! They do not care where the capital is coming from. All they are interested in is how much money they can make from the stupid dictators, despots, and corrupt government civil servants! During the Gulf War, I was listening on the TV to commentators airing their views on the rights and wrongs of the war.

I was particularly taken to one of the guest, who was a down-to-earth and unpretentious person.

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  • He was a businessman and all he cared about was his profit. The leaders of Africa, in their travels, have seen how life is in the Western world and how, if they have the interest of their subjects in mind, these experiences could be replicated in their countries. That is, you try to copy what you see! Our leaders have gone out, have seen, but unfortunately, they were unable to do!

    The conclusion is that some of our leaders in Africa have been worse than the monkey. There is then no wonder or no remorse when some white people still refer to black people as monkeys, especially in southern Africa. Also it is still the basis of what goes on, on football terraces, when black players represent their clubs in European competitions!

    Personally, the monkey has been better than some of the politicians in Africa, who have ruled their countries. The despots, dictators, and authoritarians have not aped copied the examples of developments witnessed in some of the countries they have visited! This is harsh but I can understand where they are coming from. They, the white folks, have not seen any African nation that one could refer to as a sort of power in the eye of the Western world! Nigeria could have been, but respective leaders have been corrupt and have siphoned all the looted money into the Western monetary system instead of using the looted wealth in building the economic foundation of their homelands.

    South Africa also could have been the leader, but when the blacks took power, all their nuclear capabilities had to be nullified so that the blacks would not step out of line with the Secret Society! The black man is in the United Nations and is given American dollars when America wants its way example is the present Iraqi invasion. They went around the African continent with brown envelopes so that they could have a majority at the UN Assembly when the vote to invade Iraq was taken. These are how stupid these leaders are because one day, it would be their turn to be invaded! The United States thinks it can impose its will on any nation in the world that does not dance to its tune.

    I think I can imagine it; they will try to take it by force. That is why it is important for all these countries to build a solid defence system.