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I feared just about everything. I was scared of being alone, getting too fat, not being cool enough.

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This anxiety made me feel like a freak. My brother and friends seemed to be totally chilled-out, whereas I was in a constant state of panic. My hippie mom chose to remedy this anxiety with what she knew best: meditation.

Junkie Love

I was desperate to ease my incessant thoughts and get out of the scary world I'd created inside my mind, so I took her up on her offer to learn meditation. Once I agreed to give it a shot, my mom lit some incense and sat my ass down on a meditation pillow. She taught me to sit cross-legged with my palms facing upward so that I could receive the so-called "energy" around me.

This was far outside my comfort zone, but I was distressed and willing to try anything. Early on in my mediation practice, I confirmed that my intuition was right. There was a better way. I found that whenever I'd sit long enough, my mind would soften and my anxiety would disappear. Then one afternoon I was led to know much more. In the middle of my meditation I felt a rush of peace come over me.

My limbs began to tingle and I felt surrounded by a sense of love. I felt at home for the first time. This experience reassured me that my intuition was spot-on.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Cash – Rolling Stone

There was more to happiness than shopping malls, TV, and being popular. There was a source of energy that was greater than me, which I could access if I sat long enough in meditation. Even though I was still totally confused about my existence, this gave me something to hold on to. It gave me hope that there was indeed a better way to perceive the world. Unfortunately, I couldn't share this experience with my high school contemporaries.

I couldn't very well show up at school and say, "Hey, guys, I meditated last night and my body was taken over by a loving energy. It was totally cool. As far as they were concerned, what you see is what you get. It seemed to me that they believed in a world of separateness, fear, competition, and prom. Had I shared my existential philosophies with my friends, I'd have been exiled. I was weird enough already. So instead I chose fear. I turned my back on the feeling of love and serenity brewing inside me and took what I thought was the path of least resistance. I detoured into fear and forgot about my encounter with love.

I made the decision to go along with the crowd and believe life was tough. As I got older and grew into this mindset, I focused on the form I'd projected onto my life. I saw myself as so-and-so's girlfriend, as a theater student, as a young entrepreneur, as a party girl mentioned in the gossip rags and someone worth Googling.

I portrayed myself as better than others, but on the inside I felt less than everyone. From the outside it looked as though I had successfully created a "cool" existence for myself.


But I couldn't ignore the voice in the back of my mind nagging me to remember that there was a better way. However, I hid from that voice. I denied its truth. I chose to let fear take the wheel and navigate my life without a road map. Luckily, I got lost enough times to surrender to that inner voice, listen, and pick up the map. That map was A Course in Miracles, and it became my guide back home. Today I have the map in my back pocket and I'm psyched to share it with you.

I know you must be longing for a guide. Maybe you're going through a breakup, coping with a job loss, or mourning a death. Maybe you're recovering from a form of addiction, you hate your body, or, like me, you're having some kind of existential crisis. Whatever it is I know it's not easy, and that in some way or another fear's running the show. Let's face it: you wound up in the self-help section of the bookstore, right?

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But that's cool. Your willingness to enhance your life is what guided you to me. Where you are is totally normal. This is where most of our minds end up sooner or later. That's because, early on in life, most of us separate from love and choose fear instead. We might have fleeting moments of inspiration and truth.

Wayne Dyer - Theres A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem

We feel love through a song lyric or an image or after a warm embrace. We sense love, but we don't believe in it. We save our faith for fear. But ultimately, there is a quiet voice in each of us that longs for something better. That voice inside you is what led you to this book. Some way, somehow, your inner voice of love spoke louder than fear and said, Maybe there's a better way.

And you listened. Nice one! I'm proud of you. You did the best you could to get to this point. So let's get the ball rolling! I'm here to guide you to a whole new way to perceive the world. As I mentioned before, A Course in Miracles will be our map. Like most maps, the Course can be hard to understand at first glance. Pin It. Read More. Photo: OhSheGlows. For nearly a decade, Liddon has opened up to a growing audience about her struggles with an eating disorder, her journey to health, and her growing interest in cooking nutritious, delicious food.

The motivational speaker, author, and life coach is committed to changing lives wherever he goes, whether by serving as a life coach for NBA teams or preaching to his millions of social media followers.

Black Diamond Vision: Water-Resistant Down

Martin Rooney. A few years ago, Harris made headlines after having a panic attack on live TV. He bounced back by turning lemons into lemonade and becoming an outspoken advocate for mindfulness meditation. Photo: WayOfGray. At a time when Instagram empires are built and shaped by Facetune and Photoshop, Gray is on a mission to keep it real.

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  • She speaks openly and honestly about anxiety, sexual harassment, and the pressure to seem perfect online. And she uses her social platforms, her DiveThru app , and her business, Way of Gray , to encourage everyone to adopt a mindset of body positivity and unabashed self-love. Photo: The Riker Brothers. This Biggest Loser trainer has one big heart. In the process, she paves the way for a more holistic and sustainable transformation. The weight-loss expert has had another banner year, appearing on the cover of several glossies and releasing her book Diet Right for Your Personality Type.

    Photo: Duke Loren. Smith could rest on his laurels as one of the biggest names in powerlifting. Photo: RachelBrathen. Yoga Girl is one of the innovative yogis to thank for that.

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    Not only is Brathen a leader in the SUP Yoga community and the yoga community at large , but she also hosts regular yoga classes, retreats, and workshops. Not to worry: Brathen shares yogic wisdom and inspiration online with her millions of Instagram followers. Photo: LeeFromAmerica.

    The speaker, author, workshop leader, and self-professed food lover who goes by Lee From America is passionate about sharing healthy, plant-based recipes.